22. Closing Out Week 5

DISCLAIMER: This is a simulated educational exercise using paper trading fake money. This is not investment advice and is not intended to be copied.


  • Trades today
    • None
  • Expires today
    • 1 TEAM 100 5 MAY 23 135 PUT
    • 1 ENPH 100 5 MAY 23 167.5 CALL
    • 1 CI 100 5 MAY 23 245 PUT
    • 1 EXPE 5 MAY 23 88 PUT
  • A bunch of cash freed up for next week

Today In Review

Not too much to comment on today. With most of my capital on trades expiring today, it was another “sit and watch” day. There was some excitement towards the end of the day, as my TEAM position was ITM with 45 minutes remaining in the trading week. It was nothing I was overly worried about, as the premium would have more than covered the difference should I have been put the stock. It recovered by the end of the day and I was left 4/4 with my expires this week.

At this point, I still have my 100 shares of ENPH and a single contract expiring next week (ABNB). I may close that out early in the week to position for more activity later in the week.

Portfolio Standings (WIP formatting)

Portfolio Value (Open)$ 98,778.00 
Portfolio Value (Close)$ 99,201.00 
Change (Day)0.43%
Change (Tot)( 0.8 % )
Free Cash (Close)$ 50,536.00
Escrowed Cash (Close)$ 32,700.00 
Equities (Close)$ 15,965.00 
Trades Made Today0 (4 expires)
Friday, 5 May 2023 Report

Closing Thoughts

Once ENPH recovers my portfolio will be in an amazing spot. Looking forward to an active week next week.

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