33. Week 10

DISCLAIMER: This is a simulated educational exercise using paper trading fake money. This is not investment advice and is not intended to be copied.


  • Trades Monday 5 June
    • None
  • Trades Tuesday 6 June
    • None
  • Trades Wednesday 7 June
    • SOLD 1 HUBS 9 JUNE 23 500 PUT @3.10
    • SOLD 1 CAR 9 JUNE 23 167.5 PUT @7.50
  • Trades Thursday 8 June
    • BOUGHT (To Close) 1 HUBS 9 JUNE 23 500 PUT @1.5 (Profit of 1.6)
    • SOLD 1 DOCU 9 JUNE 23 50 PUT @1.92
  • Trades Friday 9 June
    • EXPIRED 1 CAR 9 JUNE 23 167.5 PUT
    • EXPIRED 1 DOCU 9 JUNE 23 50 PUT
  • Short holds large premiums!

Week In Review

A full week in one post mainly since it was a very busy week for me with no time to trade. What’s more is that Monday and Tuesday premiums were no where to be found. The action didn’t start until Wednesday.

I have very little time to write this post unfortunately so the summary of trades will have to speak for themselves. Mainly in all cases it was the same – the AI was strong, technicals were somewhat present, and risk premiums outweighed the downside to my liking. Super happy with how this week went.

Portfolio Standings

Portfolio Value (Open) (M)$ 107,199.00  
Portfolio Value (Close) (F)$ 107,573.00 
Change (M-F)0.35%
Change (Tot)7.57%
Free Cash (Close)$ 90,115.00 
Escrowed Cash (Close)$ 0
Equities (Close)$ 17,458.00 
Trades Made (M-F)4
Friday, 9 June 2023 Report

Closing Thoughts

$1,100 netted in premiums this week, but did not have large portfolio growth due to the decline in ENPH from last week. Either way still a positive week and ahead of my target! On to week 11!

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