6. A Close Call

DISCLAIMER: This is a simulated educational exercise using paper trading fake money. This is not investment advice and is not intended to be copied.


  • Trades today
    • None
  • Was nearly put 100 share of SNOW today but the price recovered just in time.

Today In Review

Today was a very eventful day, even with nothing actually happening. The AI today was again flashing indicators for the same three stocks across all models:

  • TSLA
  • SNOW
  • JPM

I already have open positions (-1 put contract each) in TSLA and SNOW due to expire this week. I could have doubled down, but given my portfolio is only $100k I don’t want to risk being that concentrated in a single asset.

Much like yesterday, I avoided trading JPM because I don’t see the technicals nor fundamentals at a spot that I feel personally comfortable with.

Due to the above, I did not make any trades today.

The more interesting part of today was the price action of SNOW. SNOW closed yesterday around the $148 mark, leaving me feeling moderately comfortable with my $138 strike (all technicals aside). However after hours the price tanked. It opened today at $139 and bottomed intraday briefly somewhere around $136.80. This leaves me with a sometimes-in-the-money put option written with an expiration of end of week. SNOW regained the $139 mark by closing, but it’s hard to predict where it will go from here.

As noted yesterday, I’m okay with being put this stock and rolling my chances with the call side of the option wheel, but it certainly was a jarring after hours price move. The coming days will be interesting for sure

Portfolio Standings

Portfolio Value (Open)$ 100,571.00 
Portfolio Value (Close)$ 100,571.00 
Change (Day)
Change (Tot)0.57%
Buying Power (Close)$ 68,200
Trades Made Today0
Tuesday, 11 April 2023 Report

Closing Thoughts

After hours markets, am I right? Let’s see what happens with SNOW the rest of this week. At this stage it’s too costly to buy back, so I think I’ll continue to tempt the fates and see how close we get.

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